Sunset Whale Watch

Hale’iwa, O’ahu, Hawai’i

2 Hours

North Shore sunsets are the best and there is no better place to watch them than from the deck of the Ho’o Nanea.

  • $70
    Age 13 and over
  • $55
    0-12 years old
  • $500
    Private Charter
    (up to 5 people)
  • $500
    Ash Scattering / Memorial
    (up to 5 people)


The sunset hours are a magical time to be out on the water. With the winds calm, the sun turns golden and paints the sky in a palette of hues and colors that seem almost unreal. There is no way you cannot be taken by it. The clean ocean air, vast sky, and unbelievable sunset colors will connect you with nature and give you a feeling of relaxation and happiness that most people don’t get to experience anymore. A sunset sail will help you calm your mind and let you breathe again. So come join us and reset your senses!

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