North Shore Tour

Honolulu, Hawaii

Public or Private Transportation for Tours

  • $75


    All ages

  • $450

    Private Groups

    Ticket price for 6 people


Public Transportation Group Tour (all ages – additional fees apply for bus routes – please bring upon arrival) – $75 per person


Private Car Private Group (Ticket price for 6 people) – $450
An additional transportation fee will be added on at check-in


7 Hours


This tour is a private or group tour, including hiking activity of Oahu and you can add a famous Pancake for the breakfast at Kapiolani Park and picnic on the beach like a local, etc. Basically, you can request your favorite activities for the tour. You will experience Hawaiian wildlife and Hawaiian Monk Seal during the hiking. Plus, you will learn about Hawaiian Monk Seal at Hawaiian nature or on the beach and become an Ambassador of Hawaiian Monk Seal.
For family with older children, group, and singles.

Meal is an additional fee, is not included in the tour price.

For Bus Fee’s: Additional transportation fees for the city bus Adult ($5.50) and Child ($2.50)

All tours are including the lecture of Hawaiian Monk Seal and received a certificate “An Ambassador of Hawaiian Monk Seal” after the class

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