East Waikiki Walking Tour

Honolulu, HI

Starting at $20 | 2 Hours | All ages


  • Person (ages 13+): $25
  • Kamaʻaina Resident (with a valid Hawaiʻi ID): $20
  • Kids (ages 12 and under): FREE!


2 Hours


We meet at the “Surfer on a Wave” statue across from the Honolulu Zoo. We then walk west past Queens beach, where we explain the history of surfing in the region while checking out the breaks.

View the War Memorial, an Olympic-sized swimming pool made in honor of soldiers who fought in the First World War. Here, we discuss the historical involvement of Oʻahu during wartime and the continued military presence on O’ahu.

After, we make a stop at Kaimana beach to discuss the history of the surf clubs nearby, as well as the native animals that frequent the waters offshore including Hawaiian Monk seals, sharks, and pelagic birds.

From here we cross the park and stop at the base of Leʻahi (Diamond Head) crater, where we discuss the geology of its formation as well as how the rest of the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago came to be.

Circling the north end of the park, we learn about the ancient banyan trees within the park and share how you can search for and identify native and non-native birds that call these trees home.

We then walk back to our original meeting point while discussing the history of the Honolulu Zoo, the Kapiʻolani Park Band Stand, and general information about experiencing other parts of Oʻahu during your visit.

FREE local Mochi Ice cream, FREE sticker and FREE bird ID card with every purchase!

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