Adventure Boat/Snorkel Tour

Waikiki, Hawaii

From $625 | Up to 6 People | Snorkeling, dolphins, and turtles, oh my!



Private Charter – $625

Up to 6 Guests | All Ages Welcome


2.5 hours


Join us on private cruise you won’t soon forget. Based on Oahu’s south shore, we go faster and farther than anyone else in town, offering spectacular coastal sightseeing, incredible sea life (turtles, fish, dolphins, and whales—in season), and snorkeling. Unlike crowded tour boats, we exclusively offer private charters. This means that you are the focus and get the full attention of our crew for a truly personalized experience both on and in the water.

The adventure is up to you! When you book, please let us know what type of activities you’d like to do:

  • Snorkeling/Swimming

  • Wildlife watching (dolphins, turtles, etc.)

  • Coastal sightseeing

  • Fast thrill ride

  • Think of something else? Ask us!

Private charter for up to 6 guests starts at $625

A typical charter 2.5 hours. Soft drinks and water provided. Feel free to bring any other food or drink.


  • Bring swimwear, towels, sunscreen
  • Be ready for adventure!

Custom itineraries, inter-island trips, and other events are available. Call or email for details or special requests.

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